Bosch Washing Machine Parts

Bosch Washing Machine Parts

Bosch Washing Machine Parts 

In 2021, Bosch was recognised as “Australia’s Most Trusted Brand for Laundry Appliances” by Reader’s Digest. Australians know that they can rely on Bosch washing machines due to their highly advanced features and trustworthy German-engineered quality. These machines have been carefully designed to go above and beyond effortless washing, they aim to make doing your laundry simpler with innovative controls.

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Best of Bosch Washing Machine Features

German-made Bosch washing machines take technology to a whole new level. The wide Bosch washing machine range contains many different technologies across various models so you can choose one that is perfect for you and your family.

Bosch laundry models start from Serie 4, Serie 6 to the advanced Serie 8 which is packed full of features. Here are some of the most appealing features and programs in Bosch washing machines:

  •  i-DOS™ Technology – This is an automatic detergent dosage technology that calculates how much detergent is needed for a load. It allows you to fill your machine up with 20 washes worth of detergent, then the machine uses unique technology to dispense the amount needed, and your load is ready to go. This not only saves you time, but you will also save money as this technology can calculate precisely how much detergent is needed based on the weight, fabrics, etc., so there is less detergent wastage.
  • ActiveOxygen Refresh Program – In later models, Bosch washing machines have a feature that acts similar to dry cleaning. This special program uses a “cold fog of activated oxygen” to gently freshen up delicate laundry and outerwear (Bosch).  
  • Home Connect App – Your Bosch machine can be operated remotely via an app, making it perfectly convenient for busy people and families.
  • VarioPerfect™ – This feature allows you to run a laundry load quicker than its normal time, therefore increasing efficiency and ideal for when you suddenly need that uniform!  

Commonly Replaced Bosch Washing Machine Parts

Your washing machine is one of the most used appliances in a household, and parts may need to be replaced in their due time. Bosch washing machine parts can be slightly more expensive because they are a German-made premium brand, and their product quality is unparalleled.


Potential Problems


Bosch Door Seals

It is fairly common for washing machine door seals to grow mould, tear, or fall apart. Bad or worn door seals can eventually lead to water and detergent leaking out.


Bosch Handles

A washing machine door can become jammed or stuck due to reasons such as a broken handle or faulty interlock.

Most washing machine handles are fragile and easy to break, this is especially the case when your machine has seen its days.


Bosch Drain Pumps

Drain pump filter are made of plastic which means they can sometimes break. They can also develop a leak, causing water to drain out onto the floor. You can even have a blockage in your pump, stopping regular water circulation.


Bosch Washing Machine Care Tips

There are many methods you can use to ensure your Bosch washing machine stays in tip-top condition. All household appliances need to be taken care of and serviced regularly for you to get the most use out of them.

Below are some of the best ways to care for your Bosch washing machine:

Hot Water

Where possible, use the hottest water temperature you are comfortable with when running a load. This discourages mould growth in your machine in the long run and aids in killing germs and bacteria.


Try to use as little detergent as possible and go with a “high efficiency” (HE) detergent. Using too much detergent isn’t always the solution, it can cause more issues such as stiff fabrics, trapping of odour bacteria, and leftover soil or detergent streaks.

HE detergents are designed to be quick-dispersing and low-sudsing; their special formula helps with the minimising of soil being re-stuck onto clean laundry.

Leave the Door Open

It is recommended that you leave your Bosch washing machine door open to air out the washing drum and machine after each use. This helps to improve the overall smell of your machine, as well as deter mould and grime build-up.


Need A Bosch Washing Machine Part or Service?

Are you in need of a Bosch washing machine part or might want a service to find out what’s wrong with your machine? Sydney Appliance Service is aware that doing laundry is not necessarily a pleasant task, and this might be the case particularly if your machine is not working properly and requires a new part.

For over 20 years, Sydney Appliance Service has been supplying Australians with genuine Bosch Parts and Fittings. They also have a reliable appliance repair service to assist you with maintenance or to fix an ongoing issue with your Bosch washing machine.

See our website to find the washing machine part you’re looking for, or book a service and the professionals at Sydney Appliance Service will come out to repair your Bosch washing machine at competitive rates.