Samsung Washing Machine Spare Parts

Samsung Washing Machine Spare Parts

Samsung Washing Machine Spare Parts

Samsung Washing Machines

Washing machines may be one of the hardest appliances to purchase, with the washer market flooded with machines offering new innovations, features, and technologies every year. Fortunately, Samsung has made things somewhat easier by creating washing machines that incorporate new technology as well as design features that make washing faster and trouble-free.

Originating in South Korea, Samsung is a global leader in consumer technology and appliances, with a wide variety of washing machines available: front loaders, top loaders, and washer-dryer combos.

In early 2020, J.D. Power conducted a Laundry Appliance Study involving 2,104 participants, and their results found that Samsung washing machine owners were more pleased with their washers than owners of other brands. And you will be able to see why many families choose to go with Samsung washing machines based on their features alone.


Samsung Washing Machine Features

Smart Control –

This allows your phone to turn into a remote for your Samsung Smart Washer. You are able to see how long your cycle has left, when your cycle is done, and change the water temperature, and these are among some of the controls available.

Super Sonic Wash Speeds –

One major appeal is that Samsung’s super speed wash guarantees your clothes are washed in half the average time, saving water and energy.

Aquajet –

This feature is available on selected Samsung washing machines and uses high pressure ‘aquajets’ to attack the dirt and stains on your clothing. This innovative feature lowers the chance of residue left by detergent, which is better for your skin in the long run.  

Easy Reach –

Are you sick of bending down or over to reach your clothes in the washer? Some of Samsung’s washing machines feature a wider washer drum so you can reach in with both hands to retrieve your load, rather than pulling out clothing piece by piece.


Commonly Replaced Samsung Washing Machine Parts

As with any household appliance, there will be a point in time where servicing is needed, or when a part needs to be replaced. The washing machine is one of the most used appliances in a house, and there are parts that are more commonly replaced than others.

Here are some of the commonly replaced Samsung Washing Machine parts:

Part Type

Description of Common Problem


Samsung Door Seal

It is common for most door seals on washing machines to eventually grow mould, tear, or fall apart.


Door seals suffer from wear and tear, especially in these scenarios:

  • When a load is placed in, it hasn’t gone in all the way so there is clothing hanging out.
  • Objects get stuck between the glass and the seal, leaving it to be crushed and cause tearing.
  • Small items may be left in pockets (particularly coins) which damages the seal.
  • The door is not left open after a wash, causing mould to build up.


Samsung Door Handle

You may find your washing machine’s door handle is loose or floppy, and in this instance, the handle is most likely broken.


This is typically caused by not waiting for a cycle to be 100% finished until opening the washing machine.


Samsung Lint Filter

Lint pumps out of the washing machine with the water, during the washing cycle, and goes down the drain. This trap should be cleaned frequently, or there will be an excess of build-up.


Advanced front-load washers may feature a lint trap in front of the pump to protect it from items, such as coins, left in pockets and large quantities of lint.


Samsung Drain Pump

A drain pump’s main purpose is to drain the water from a washing machine after a wash cycle.


If its drain pump is broken, the washing machine will generally stop pumping water out after a cycle, start leaking and/or make unpleasant, squealing sounds when emptying.


Sydney Appliance Service: Your Local Appliance Repair Service

Doing laundry is not always an enjoyable task, and this may be the case especially if your Samsung washing machine is not regularly serviced or needs a new part. Sydney Appliance Service understand how important it is to have a working washing machine, notably if you have children or many household members.

Are you looking for a Samsung Washing Machine Part or in need of a service to figure out what’s wrong with your washer? Sydney Appliance Service have been supplying genuine Samsung Parts and Accessories since 1999, and they also offer a handy, appliance repair service to help you with regular maintenance or to fix that frustrating issue with your Samsung washing machine.

Do you know what’s wrong with your Samsung washing machine, but you can’t seem to find the right part to fix the problem? Fill out our Parts Enquiry form and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Alternatively, book a service today and the Sydney Appliance Service team will have your Samsung washing machine working in no time.