Bosch Fridge Parts

Bosch Fridge Parts

Bosch Fridges

Throughout the years, German design and manufacturing have become tantamount to high-quality products in all industries. As a result, Bosch has become a market leader in modern appliances, with their refrigerators being a standout in their large range.

Some time has passed since the refrigerator scene has been shaken up, and by now, most of us have seen those high-tech fridge touch screens and cameras. With this, Bosch has released a brand new “counter-depth” French door refrigerator range in 2021 packed full of exciting, convenient features.

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Notable Bosch Fridge Features

From the colour range, technologies to capacity size, Bosch fridges have many noteworthy features that make their fridges worth looking into. With many unique storage options, Bosch has made it easy for you to fit in all your bulky groceries while helping to prolong the life of your food. Here is a rundown of notable features in Bosch fridges:

  • Counter-Depth Design – Bosch’s stunning counter-depth layout makes the appliance appear built-in by sitting flush with the countertop and cabinetry, finished with concealed hinges and feet.
  • FarmFresh System™ This revolutionary fridge system integrates innovative technologies to keep food fresh for up to three times longer, therefore, seeing less food wastage (Bosch).
  • AirFresh® Filter – This special filter by Bosch keeps the air in the fridge and freezer as fresh as possible. Designed to absorb stubborn food odours, this feature is intended to operate during the entire life of your refrigerator, so there is no need for replacement.  
  • Home Connect App – For your convenience, the Bosch Home Connect app enables you to remotely monitor your fridge’s lighting, temperature, and more, from your Wi-Fi connected phone or tablet.

What are the Commonly Replaced Parts in a Bosch Fridge?

A fridge is a major kitchen appliance that can be found in every household. Sometimes, wear and tear or simply daily use can lead to your Bosch fridge needing a new part – these parts are generally the consumable parts of the appliance, such as the water filters and shelving.

Water Filter

A refrigerator’s filters should be changed every 6 months, and they should never be used for longer than one year at a time (Bosch). The longer you use a water filter, the less effective it becomes; hence your water quality decreases as a result.

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Fridge Shelves

Over time, fridge shelves need to be replaced due to cracking or they may have misshaped with the continuous storage of heavy items.

To keep your shelving in the best condition, regularly wipe down the shelving, and space out your heavy groceries to ensure even weight distribution to avoid cracking or bending.

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Fridge Water Inlet Valve

This part in a refrigerator regulates the water supply to the fridge, including the ice maker. When there is an issue with the water inlet valve, water may start leaking inside the fridge and unexpected noises may be heard. You should replace this part as soon as possible or other problems may appear.   

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Why Choose Genuine Bosch Fridge Parts?

Sydney Appliance Service highly recommends using genuine Bosch fridge parts for the reasons below:

  • Genuine fridge parts are covered by warranty; the same cannot be said for non-genuine, lower quality parts on the market. Sydney Appliance offers a 3-month warranty on all their repairs and labour, while Bosch provides a 1-year warranty on their parts as well.
  • By choosing genuine Bosch fridge parts, you can be assured that the part will fit perfectly and will keep your appliance running smoothly and safely.
  • Genuine parts sourced from reputable appliance repairs companies like Sydney Appliance come with ongoing support. If you ever require assistance or have any further questions about the part, you can be confident that answers and solutions are readily available for you through a phone call, email, or in-person.

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Sydney Appliance Service: Parts and Servicing for Bosch Fridges

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Are you looking for a particular Bosch fridge part? Simply fill out our Spare Parts Enquiry Form and the Sydney Appliance team will get back to you with a range of solutions. Our qualified technicians will come out to you with a variety of genuine parts for your Bosch fridge at competitive prices.  

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