Samsung Spare Parts

Samsung Spare Parts


Originally from tech-savvy South Korea, Samsung has truly made a name for itself in the world of fast electronics and with their home appliances range. Samsung appliances are famous for their advanced product features, technological innovation, and longevity.

Through the use of Samsung home appliances, people feel like their home is undergoing an evolution rather than simply buying a replacement or upgrade. As a brand, Samsung is continuing to balance modern functionality and aesthetics, while remaining competitively priced. Sydney Appliance is proud to have been distributing Samsung spare parts and servicing their appliances since 1999.

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Sydney Appliance: Your Trusted Supplier of Samsung Spare Parts

Sydney Appliance is a genuine Samsung parts and accessories supplier and appliance repair servicee all-in-one. We are dedicated to providing polite, timely, and professional services at the most competitive prices for over 20 years. Sydney Appliance have been servicing appliances in Sydney and surrounding regions plus offering genuine parts online with nationwide delivery.


We have comprehensive spare parts for Samsung appliances including:

Sydney Appliance can supply you with the full range of genuine Samsung spare parts, so you do not worry about the quality or authenticity. If you are struggling to find the spare part for your broken appliance or it is more difficult to fix the appliance than first thought, Sydney Appliance have a flat fee for most appliance repairs.

We will be more than willing to come out to you to diagnose the problem, find the spare part and repair the appliance for you at a cost.  Here is a basic list of our charges:

Service Call Charges List


Service Call Charges

Labour In GST




$165 Flat Rate




$175 inc first 30 mins Labour + $20 every 10mins there after




Air Cons

All Miele products

Door Reversal

$280 rate

2man charge

$90 rate


Warranty on Samsung Spare Parts and Repairs

When you buy parts or service with Sydney Appliances, we offer a 3-month warranty on all work done by our technicians. Manufacturers also offer their own parts warranty, where Samsung offers 3-month warranty on genuine spare parts, posing as a great reason to buy genuine. These warranties are valid for all Samsung spare parts.


Samsung Appliances and Common Samsung Parts

Samsung appliances are one of the fastest growing brands of laundry appliances, electronics, and refrigerators in Australia. Samsung offer many appliances found in different areas of the house:

  • Samsung Refrigerators
  • Samsung Dishwashers
  • Samsung Ovens
  • Samsung Stoves
  • Samsung Washing Machine
  • Samsung TVs
  • Samsung Home Theatre Systems
  • Samsung Air Conditioners

Common Samsung Spare Parts

Samsung Refrigerator Parts

  • Shelving
  • Door Shelving
  • Butter Doors
  • Dairy Doors
  • Bottle Rails
  • Fruit/Vegetable Bins
  • Ice Maker Hoses and Valves
  • Water Filters

Samsung Dishwasher Parts

  • Rollers
  • Cutler Baskets
  • Pumps
  • Valves and Seals
  • Dispenser Hoses

Samsung Oven Parts

  • Trays
  • Lamps

Samsung Dryer Parts

  • Motors
  • Belts
  • Filters

Samsung Washing Machine Parts

  • Pumps
  • Inlet Valves
  • Lids Agitators (Pulsators)

Samsung TVs and Audio Systems Parts

  • Remote Controls

Samsung Vacuum Parts

  • Filters
  • Bags
  • Cleaner Hoses
  • Batteries
  • Pipes

Samsung Air Conditioner Parts

  • Filters
  • Motors

Why Choose Genuine Samsung Spare Parts

  • Warranty – Genuine spare parts covered by supplier and/or manufacturer warranty, so if something goes wrong or if the part is defective, you will not be left with costly repairs out of your own pocket.  
  • Fitted – Genuine spare parts fit right the first time. You will not have to worry about the part not fitting in properly or leaving a dreaded gap. This not only improves the safety of running the appliance, but your machine should run smoother versus using a replica spare part.   
  • Safety – Non-genuine parts cannot necessarily promise the same safety attributes and quality that come with a genuine spare part.
  • Product Updates – Choosing to buy genuine ensures you will be using the latest version of a particular spare part.
  • Ongoing Support – If you opt for genuine parts, this means you will have ongoing technical support that third-party providers do not offer. Genuine parts typically come with all installation manuals and any other documentation relating to the part.


Need a Samsung Spare Part? Contact Sydney Appliances Today  

Did you know that all spare parts and jobs completed by Sydney Appliances are backed by their customer satisfaction guarantee? Sydney Appliances is your go-to for genuine spare parts, repairs, and servicing for Samsung appliances. We are known for our quick service and turnaround time, and we carry an extensive range of Samsung and other brands spare parts as well.

Call: (02) 9546 4444

What’s more is that Sydney Appliance offers a flat rate of $165 that covers the call out including labour, and if any issues arise after the repair, we will happily come out to you at no additional cost. Get in touch on 0295464444 or contact us today about arranging a quote for your spare part or any appliance services you may need.